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Indian Society of Developmental Biologists (InSDB) was established in the year 1975 when the number of practicing developmental biologists was very less. Amongst the earliest investigators were at the school set up by Prof. Leela Mulherkar at Pune University, the regenerative biology schools at JNU, Jaipur and Utkal Universities, Drosophila developmental genetics at Calcutta University, the subsequent research groups at IISc, TIFR, BHU etc. Today, the country hosts over 90 investigators, in diverse areas of developmental biology, using multiple model organisms (Dictyostelium, Hydra, C. elegans, Drosophila, Xenopus, Chick or Mouse) besides exploring the genetic and developmental basis of human diseases and stem cell biology. Most major scientific research and educational institutions in the country today host a few to several investigators in the areas of developmental biology, which mirrors growth and the immense interest amongst its researchers and educationists in addressing research questions fundamental to our understanding of animal and plant development and diseases.

InSDB aims at providing a common platform for interaction amongst all the Indian investigators in developmental biology and related areas: to share ideas, activities, promote research and train the future generations of researchers in this discipline of research which holds promise to understand one of the profound secrets of life.